After our HUGE bike ride and pub lunch on Saturday, there was time for a quick rest then it was off to dinner at izakaya fujiyama:

The space is fabulous, service wonderful and the sashimi was outstanding. It made us very excited for our Japan trip.

After dinner, we headed to the Belvoir Street theatre to see the blind giant is dancing – all 80s Labor politics, just my sort of thing. Of course, I hadn’t really checked the length of the performance before I booked the tickets, so we were horrified to discover we’d not get out until 10:45pm. Yikes!

The play was quite enjoyable, but we had to escape at second interval because we were completely and utterly spent.

Next time I think I’ll plump for a matinee and dinner afterward, rather than the reverse – or check the running time at the very least. Such old sleepy people!

This makes two of the four plays achieved for #48 on the list!

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