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The decluttering slowly continues! I finally admitted that I wasn’t really going to ever use this giant bag of cotton to knit with, so cast it off1 to The Bower when I donated original_corey.


In other casting-off news, I alluded a couple of weeks ago to potentially exciting developments at SML.

These exciting developments were realised this week when the completely and utterly execrable AnxiousMum was finally shown the door. HURRAH!

This is seriously one of the best things that has happened at SML in recent times. Unfortunately because she is completely awful at her job and an terrible manager, it meant her small team departed with her. I missed the action because I was locked in meetings for the afternoon, but naturally she made it all about her and had a total screaming and sobbing hysterical freak-out in the middle of the office. Her poor team tried to comfort her, saying “it’s not personal” and she spat out between sobs, “IT *IS* PERSONAL!”. No word or comfort from her to them about how they may be feeling. The outplacement consultant we employed said he was not sure he could work with her because she was so awful and unreasonable.

You know, I’ve tried to feel pity for her, but I just can’t. Such a selfish, revolting human. How she lasted this long is a testament to SML’s continuing dysfunction.


1 oooh! knitting pun.

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