slow and steady

I’d been using blocks of cardboard packaging and cat toys to count chunks of 10 in my morning pushups (knees) and sit-ups. This was kind of grody and unsatisfactory and I was trying to think of a replacement, could I cut some wooden blocks for example?

During my week of wild spending, last week I came across these in muji and they were pretty much exactly what I had envisioned.

I’ve been having fun building little towers with them. They rather put me in mind of the cuisinaire rods of my childhood and I have used all of my powers to resist buying a set on eBay.

And today I celebrated 100 situps!

Only 9 days until I reach 100 knee pushups and start the hard slog of replacing 1 each day with a real pushup.

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  1. ah, we had cuisinaire rods! Great for building pagodas.

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