mysterious mysteries: seeds

One of my more idiosyncratic enthusiasms is to occasionally plant seeds from our food into containers to see what eventuates. Like the wee lemon forests, which I planted almost a year ago.

Over the holiday break, I shoved some seeds into a pot and verily, like magic, sprouting occurred. Most peculiarly, two sprouts seem to be coming from the same seed:

It rather resembles an adorable small creature waving its arms about:


Of course I can’t remember what I actually threw in there, so it will be quite interesting to see what eventuates.

It occurred to me today that we didn’t attempt to grow anything other than a couple of herbs this year and that it is probably now too late in the year to do so. Must get onto this earlier next year.

2 thoughts on “mysterious mysteries: seeds

  1. Your lemon grove is adorable 🙂 I have the same habit, and even a small three-tree lemon “forest” too, two avocado pits in plastic cups of water and until recently – a grapefruit tree and and a palm, grown from a date. I suppose that’s the millennia old programming inherited from our agricultural ancestors. Unfortunately my plants eventually die on me 🙁

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