stuff in my … spam folder

For mysterious reasons gmail occasionally likes to send quite legitimate mail to my spam folder.

Apart from the real mail I find in there every couple of days (which of course I flag as “not spam”), it’s not often I get anything other than the usual: fake LinkedIn, Facebook and WhatsApp messages; offers of thrilling contact with russian brides; cheap Viagra; bargain “designer” items, advice I’ve won the lottery &etc. Recently though, there were a couple of gems:

An offer to sell me a baby:

seems totally legit, what could possibly go wrong?

An offer to join the Illuminati! Who knew it was so simple to become one of the shadowy elite?

new world order here i come

2 thoughts on “stuff in my … spam folder

    • I think it is the best one I’ve ever had! If only all spam was that amusing.

      I briefly considered responding because I was pretty sure their reply would be even more funny – but it doesn’t do to encourage these things!

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