how can it be time to go back?

Sunday morning bike rides seem to be becoming a regular thing for us, good to find an exercise apart from walking that we both enjoy.

This morning we tackled a slightly different route, through our old neighbourhood, over anzac bridge and home through the dog park.

I had to walk corey (the bike) up a couple of deceptively steep hills, but did manage to ride all the way over the bridge, which I’m rather pleased about because it is quite high up and quite an incline to get to the top.

We took a short break to have a drink of water and watched the dogs in the park practicing jumps over wee hurdles.

After we arrived home I was completely knackered.

Then I did some workly work – pah! – so as to get ahead of myself for the week ahead and pottered about a bit, doing laundry and whatnot.


Last night Don and I took ourselves out for a dinner date in the ‘hood. We’d all been keen to go to one of the variations of Emmas for a while now, bit had never actually made it there.

Food was pretty good, service was great, though the food came out way too quickly (better than the reverse!). There was way, way too much to eat for two people and they do takeout, so we took away the remainder – mostly for Joe/Frank who had an epic 12 hour day of working at the rugby 7’s.

Then we decided to go for a celebratory drink at my favourite local pub. I was dithering about whether to have a glass of wine from the barrel or their fantastic house-made lemonade. When we got there the barrel was not available, so I asked for the lemonade. Despite having had it before, the barman refused to sell it to me unless I had it in an alcoholic cocktail. What the hell? I would have happily paid the cocktail price too. Nope – no go.

I was very disappointed, of course I did not make a scene, but we left without any drink. It is such a struggle to find nice, non-alcoholic options in a pub and I really thought I had found it. Non-drinkers are not really catered to at all in most places and soft drinks (soda) or water are pretty much it.

Possibly this is now my ex-favourite pub.


We’re late to the party (as ever) and have just started watching Making a Murderer (well, we’re up to episode 5).

It’s very, very good, but does tend to make one quite consumed with rage.

You should get on it if you have not done so already. It is a little slow to start, but well worth the time investment.

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