50before50: #46 watch those films which have passed me by 4/16

Film 4 was The Grifters – watched on Saturday night when we were on a movies roll after seeing the big short (fortunately it was on Netflix!)

And my 10 word review:

Liked. What utterly horrid people! Totally covet Anjelica’s red suit.

SML was just rotten today! Hopefully will improve, but unlikely in the short term.

4 thoughts on “50before50: #46 watch those films which have passed me by 4/16

  1. My first day back at work after the Christmas holidays was truly horrible and I seriously considered handing in my notice. I am happy to say it has improved since then.

    • It’s the super high energy of Bobs that is killing me! For someone who doesn’t drink coffee, he sure is incredibly hyper (and totally scattered and all over the place).

      I’m glad it got better! This work caper is really soul-sapping on occasion.

      I’m starting to wonder how I can get the same salary by doing [some unknown magical job which requires lots of idleness and pottering about]

  2. I loved the Grifters. Also I think that movie got me out of jury duty years ago…the attorneys were quizzing the jurors on their favorite films and I had just seen it so I said I liked it. Everyone else said Sister Act. (Which I enjoyed too.)

    • That’s so funny! I’m tickled by the idea that favourite movies can be used as an indication of aptitude as a juror!

      Here, if you’re up for jury selection, the lawyers can’t ask you anything at all! They can challenge, but all they know is what you look like, you’re name, suburb and occupation. Which is pretty wild too!

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