mostly i hope to avoid mindless internet

car park, pyrmont

This week at SML has been intense and exhausting – fortunately I have the next 5 days off! I think I will need it as February appears as though it will be even more intense. The pace and energy of the place are definitely ramping up – the associated expectations are going to be Very Confronting for many people.

As has been the way with the rest of my (sporadic) leave in January, it is now pouring with rain.

I am determined to do all sorts of things, I’m just not quite sure what they are at this point and my brain is too broken to come up with a list.

One thing I have locked in is a visit to RelentlesslyCheerfulPhysio. I have a very long term off-and-on right ankle issue (occasionally a little achy, a little swollen) and I want some advice before I run much more.

And BabyKitty has joined the morning push-up assistance team:

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