when too much sensible is barely enough

bad cadence: 12 december

Yesterday was the third year in a row where I did not drink at the SML Xmas party – hurrah!

I spent the afternoon hanging out with the senior managers, who were sensibly alternating alcohol with water and talked books, travel, television and movies. Truly I have reached sensible old lady status.

I’ve completely sworn off drinking at work functions, it is just much better that way – especially because of my quest to be taken seriously. This does tend to be incredibly boring, especially watching everyone get progressively drunker. Who knew drunken colleagues could be so tedious? I cringe a little at my former drunken shenanigans. And am delighted that I can bounce out of bed after these events and go for a run.


I had intended to run the usual 3.5km this morning, but my brain was so full of workly thoughts that I overshot my turning point and ended up running 5km. Oops.

It wasn’t a particularly great run, evidenced by the cadence at the top (yellow = not great). I think it was pretty heavily influenced by not consuming a great deal of food on Friday having eschewed the canapes at the party (kind of greasy, always terribly messy). I am still pretty exhausted, but that could be that I got out of bed at 5am.

If I want to improve my distance I am going to have to pay close attention to my diet – especially before running.


I’m in the process of reviewing my 50 list and so far have replaced #21: make wine + limocello (or other alcoholic thing) with eat no meat for a week.

I may also replace #25:see a moose in real life, not because I don’t want to see one, but because I think my options to do so in the next two years will be somewhat limited.

I’m thinking at some point I’d like to try a (very short) triathlon. I need to really get onto my swimming before contemplating it seriously. I did swim competitively as a sprog, but that was aeons ago and I think I have lost any technique I had. Whether this will be something I think I can actually accomplish before 50 is another thing entirely. But I think mixing up the cardio would be a very good thing indeed.


I have spent the vast majority of the day tooling about on the InformationSuperHighway. This is what happens when you don’t have an action items list.

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