changing times

Yesterday Bessie and I ventured out to the inner west art market. It’s quite a small (upcoming) market which is held quarterly.

There were a few pretty sweet things for sale (and, of course, some kind of dire things) and we succumbed to this utterly gorgeous terrarium from thornandgreen, who were completely lovely and very earnest and enthusiastic. I do love hipsters!

It is just the perfect thing for the shelves next to the balcony door! Now to keep it alive.

Joan points out that she was keen to give me a terrarium a few years ago and I was all “that’s way too 80s” and “I don’t want plants in the house”. Clearly I am a very late adopter. See also my recent love for copper, rose gold and other warm metals.


New Boss starts today. Eeeep!

He’ll be in charge of half of SML and as far as we can determine has a mandate to make substantial changes – including massively cutting headcount.

It will be refreshing to actually have a boss again – MrT having mentally checked out about 2 months ago and is rarely in the office.

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