that went well

Hey, hey, made it through the short week – with all my little projects met.

Sat in the park, ate lunch and lay back and read my book. The weather was brilliant and the whole experience was incredibly relaxing. I’ve been evangelising to colleagues about the wonders of this magical “lunch break” thing.

I ate cereal before work.

Took photos.

Am blogging. Admittedly, I could be doing better at the blogging content-wise.

Tonight I’m pottering about while Don and Joe/Frank watch Narcos. Bessie has cleared out her room in preparation for tomorrow’s painting. I’m treating my face to a mask, then I might possibly fold laundry and afterward soak my feet and read more of my book.

I may also make a couple of lists of action items. Right now we’re trying to come up with a list of slow-cooked meals we can cook over the next few weekends, before it gets too hot, to have in the freezer for summer. So far adrian richardson’s best ever bolognaise, adrian richardson’s lamb sugo, homesick texan’s red beans and rice. All of these recipes make vast quantities so are really excellent standbys and alternatives to $$ take-away on those occasions you’re uninspired, have no time, can’t bear to cook.

I’m still on the lookout for a cable hat pattern that will do Joan’s icelandic wool justice. I need something to occupy me while watching television or I become annoyingly fidgety and pacey. Holy!Goodness! there are some heinous patterns out there. Ravelry has become rather like etsy – you are forced to look at a lot of really very unattractive things in order to find the gems, the payoff is generally worth it, but it requires a not insignificant time commitment. I’m very tempted by this baby hat and given my recent way-too-big hat issues, I’m thinking knitting a baby hat might actually result in something that will fit me.

Must carry on with the projectette action items over the weekend. But as TheUniverse is my witness this painting will be completed before anything else!

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