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Well that was a very much needed weekend.

And finally I’m feeling almost human (with periodic coughing). I felt so human that I managed a short 3km run on Saturday morning.

The magical device tells me that it is almost four weeks since my last run (yikes!) and yet my time was still the same. Holy!Goodness! if you want to clear your lungs after a cold, you should totally get out there and do some kms.

There was much pottering and gardening and laundry1 and tidying and cooking: last evening Don made a gumbo To. Die. For. And today I made chicken stock, kitty stock, a 5:2 casserole and roast chicken + duck-fat-potatoes + sauted brussels spouts and Don brewed bears.

I also ran this afternoon – the reverse route which has more uphill hills, and kept to the regular time (which is usually about 50 seconds longer than the other direction).

My current plan is to earn wine by exercise. But mostly just to do more exercise. I miss running and even was briefly pining for personal training and dragging tyres down the street.

Also, Eurovision! I woke up in the early hours this morning to watch the votes come in but waited to watch the performances until tonight.

Our Guy did a stellar job (I cannot get that song out of my head), but it is really disappointing how homogeneous everything has become. I pine for the days of Lordi, Ruslana, the Babushkas and Sebastian Tellier.

I really need a longer break.

1truly, I have caught the American, I should say washing.

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