and i weighed up the negatives and compared them to the positives

The past week has been full of much tempest and the results of climate change and so, so much leaking and so much stress – despite the cheerful face I try to put on things.

Today we experienced a delightful period of sunshine which encouraged us to open ThePalace(OfLove) to the elements to dispel the must and dampness.

And I don’t even know what happened in the late afternoon, but it ended with us bailing the equivalent of snow off the top balcony and getting hypothermia in our wee toes – amidst hail and thunder and lightning.

Many of our neighbours were similarly taking their lives into their hands and bailing hail to prevent their houses collapsing from under them.

Thank goodness for alcohol and old towels and buckets and bits of metal and hot water and being utterly soaked to the proverbial.

Unfortunately our extreme efforts did not prevent some leaking in Bessie’s room – but I’m convinced we prevented her ceiling collapsing.

Dear Universe, surely we have had enough weather-ish challenges at this point.

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