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A run! Finally!

Before heading out this morning I had to remove my wedding ring lest it fall off en route. I’ve added an action item to have it re-sized – yes, I appear to have lost that much weight. Or perhaps I’m developing skinny old lady fingers? I last had it sized down from an M to J in May 2009 (thanks for the date twitter archive!), but now needs to go down maybe another size or two.

I was so excited to be out and the weather was so wonderful that I ran 5km (with occasional stops to take photos with the SpyCam).

In retrospect this was a really quite stupid decision because:
1. I’m recovering from a cold
2. I’ve not been running since 21 March
3. I’ve only run 5km twice this year
4. I was having too much fun to pay proper attention to form

And now I have a twinge in the right knee (where the previous twinge was about this time last year) – rats! I’m, RICEing as I type.

I still love this tiny camera:


While trawling through the twitter archive for the date of the ring resizing, I came across this:

2009-05-22 Need to make a list for the weekend. Also need some sort of list management thingy. No I’m not joining the GTD cult. But I want to GTD.

Amusing in light of my current reading (hint). I seriously doubt I will wholeheartedly join the cult – but there are definitely some … dare I say … (sorry) take aways (sorry) … from it.

Today I’ve been brain-dumping everything in my head onto paper – this has been quite good as there are a lot of little projects that I’d completely forgotten about. I have covered two A4 sheets already and I am sure there are more lurking in the brain. This is kind of contrary to the proper GTD methodology which is to use a sheet of paper for each project – I didn’t want to use that much paper, but in retrospect I probably should have. Post-it notes have worked really well for this sort of thing at SML.


Daylight savings ended last night, or more correctly, early this morning. I won’t like the darkness in the evenings (especially coming home in the dark – pah!), but I am thrilled to be no longer getting up in the dark!

I’m hopeful that I can now get some more running in or … <gasp> … manageressing course study.


As part of my weekendly GTDing, I’ve finally set up a study station on the top floor landing in the hopes that I would finally force myself to start the course. I dragged out gertie the macbook so that I would have a relatively distraction free environment (hahahahaha). Now I just need a chair or a stool and some motivation to commence.


Otherwise there has been pottering and watching of footy. Go ducks!

This marks the eighth year of the family footy tipping for the ein kleines spiel cup perpetual trophy award for excellence. This year BabyKitty is participating by choosing between AFL minifigs (collected last year on various trips to Melbourne) – we’ll see how long our enthusiasm lasts for her participation.


Just one more glorious day off remains.

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