don’t waste your time or time will waste you**

Dear Dead Jesus, thank you very much for the Public Holidays.

Four days off – just glorious!

I had all good intentions of waking up early and running this morning, but a coughing fit in the very early hours made me reconsider. This was probably a wise decision because it is pretty rains-ish and unpleasant outside, plus I’ve stopped taking proper (with pseudoephedrine) cold and flu tablets, so drugs are no longer masking all of my lingering symptoms.

Don spent the day out playing golf – I can’t imagine much that would be less fun in this weather.

I’ve pottered about, tooled about on the InformationSuperhighway, bought two dresses in the Boden 40% off sale (anyresemblance has definitely created a monster), downloaded a couple of sewing patterns and ruthlessly culled emails from one of my newer accounts.

As part of the wider decluttering project, I’m very slowly working my way through my email accounts. At this point my primary 10 year old gmail account – having accumulated 4GB of email (which translates to roughly 30k emails) – is way too scary to contemplate. And I don’t want to even think about trying to make sense of the files on the laptop … and music? would require well over a month to resolve the duplicates.


I had intended to make the filling for a chicken and tarragon pie today and pulled out the ingredients, only to realise that Don, who shopped solo on Wednesday evening, must not have found tarragon at the supermarket. Despite Don not sharing this information (especially me having visited the fruit&veg yesterday), I remained zen and returned everything to source – clearly TheUniverse was telling me I should wait.


Then I took photos with the lovely new camera – I cannot convey how thrilled I am that I (finally) made the decision to buy it:

Rain comes (from bedroom window):

Plants on the top balcony:

the self-seeded fig from ye olde glebe apartment is doing quite well

Sleepy ladies:

possibly the best photo I’ve taken to date

Further experiments in gardening:

Self-seeded wee tree of some sort, bit of string of pearls plant which fell of the main plant, a forest of lemons sprouting from seeds from a very seedy lemon


For dinner I’m cooking slow roasted lamb shoulder which I found on this very excellent blog (such lovely photos!) – via (the wonderful style files).

We had a shoulder in the freezer left over from the last lamb delivery. Good time to use it up as we’re having a delivery next week. I cannot even recommend Nanima lamb enough – delivery straight to our freezer (for serious!) and the quality is amazing.


** I would say this is in my top 30 songs of all time (oh! must make a list!), but I’d never actually seen the clip until today – now top 20, maybe 15. Trigged by Don and J/F watching World War Z (god, more zombies? really?), I mentioned the theme was pretty excellent, Don said it was Muse and I was down a youtube wormhole …

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