I think it was Friday evening where I saw a great link in The Guardian comments to a competition which The Monthly is holding. The object is to choose Tony Abbott’s final day as Prime Minister and his replacement.

Being that we are all engaged, political types in ThePalace(OfLove), there was nothing for it but a family competition!

Our tips are:
Bess: 28 March 2015 | Joe Hockey
Joe/Frank: 30 December 2015 | Julie Bishop
Joan: 5 November 2016 | Bill Shorten
Carol: 26 May 2015 | Malcolm Turnbull
Don: unspecified DD MM 2020 | Someone who is not yet an MP (I feel Don has a Poor View of the electorate)

Family prize as yet undecided.

Of course this all happened before the LNP was all sorts of decimated in Saturday’s Qld state election, so the change could be sooner than any of us forecast. In which case there will be much rejoicing.

Although to be fair, the optimal outcome would be a complete change of Government – because surely this is the worst, dare I say evil, Government we’ve ever had.

5 thoughts on “spillage

  1. oh yes.
    We are in all sorts of turmoil at the moment though, mist likely headed for a hung parliament. both sides vowed not to do deals and go back to the polls in that event but we’ll see, lnp are now without their dictator … we, leader , so may change their collective revolting minds and hop into bed with the ghastly homophobic Katters.
    Desperately hoping for an ALP majority, although it seems out of reach now. I think Anna Pall-a-shay (opting for the phonetic as I would have to google the spelling!) deserves a shot, she appears humble and understanding of the need to LISTEN ( unfortunately career killers in politics). She has grown up with immigrant parents in a very multi-cultural, low socio-economic area and her application of her upbringing to parliament will be interesting.
    I am unable to even express in words our utter delight at the ousting of Newman in his own seat – in his electorate it was presence and a listener that won votes not the promise of a cash splash – the arrogance of that male is astounding and thank the goodly heavens we no longer have to see him stumble through a speech whilst his odd wife paws at him and stools over him, looking as though she wants to lick him all over and gobble him up like a delectable meal.

    • Not really having followed the election at all, I was really (pleasantly) surprised at the result. Especially as I see Qld as probably the most conservative state.

      On election night I saw an LNP MP say he wanted Qld to return to the Qld of his childhood – which would have been smack-bang in the middle of the bjelke petersen era! I thought that kind of summed up the whole LNP approach nicely!

      I had hoped the result would trigger some changes federally, but still they are trotting out the same talking points about how they need to sell their message better. Dudes, we all understand your message, we just utterly oppose it.

      I had never seen The Wife until the concession speech – you describe her exactly. She was hovering like a vampire.

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