only 235 working days to xmas

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The return to SML wasn’t too horrific. In a burst of pre-holiday enthusiasm I’d stupidly scheduled a workshop (with me facilitating) on my first day back – this was very quickly rescheduled. MrT is all about easing me back into it, though I imagine this will be short-lived. Fortunately Vincenzo held the fort very well while I was gone, so there’s not a huge amount outstanding.

Anyway I returned in my usual typhoon of positive energy and enthusiasm (my past-self wonders just who this person is and would undoubtedly have complete disdain for present-self) and have whipped a few things into shape.

Interesting having been gone for so long – you kind of forget how unnecessarily hysterical and catastrophising some of my close colleagues can be. Frustrating. I just need to not allow myself to get caught up in it.


The slow culling continues. The plastic tub was acquired, so I was able to rid myself of a purple faux-crocodile vanity case (no, I don’t know what I was thinking either). I also added rather lovely vintage-style cake and biscuit tins to the charity pile – nice to look at but don’t quite seal properly. And I’m taking two bottles of spray cleaner we don’t care for to the SML kitchen, where at least they will be used rather than sitting in the cupboard for two years.

I really promise to cease the decluttering minutiae. Oh who am I kidding?


I have a load of very pedestrian Action Items for the THREE DAY weekend.

The prospect of more days off is very exciting.

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