holiday: day seven

How can I have been on holiday for a week already?!?!

Today we all got on the culling bandwagon and filled bags and bags, which we then immediately ferried to the Salvation Army. I donated a couple of things I’ve been hanging onto for well over 25 years and it was kind of delightful. Much more to go, of course, but it is a good start.

of course, being in the neighbourhood, we stopped off for a harry’s pie

I really don’t know how we end up with all of this stuff – especially as we regularly throw things out. One of our goals for 2015 is to not buy anything we don’t absolutely, desperately need and to make do with what we have. Already in the past few days we have avoided buying a mandolin and a cast-iron grill plate at the brilliant local kitchenware store. It will be interesting to see how this plan pans out.

This afternoon I attempted to adjust the band on Joe/Frank’s allegedly self-adjustable Xmas watch and lost a key, very, very teensy part (it sprang off twice). I’ve admitted defeat and we’ll be taking it to a jeweller.

This evening will be pretty low-key, we’ll be sitting about with our choice of beverage and snacking on cheese and bikkies and such while watching the cricket. We’ve not done this for ages, so it will be pretty fabulous.

Tomorrow is back on the no booze train for me … well for a few days, until we head off to Hong Kong!

Almost 2015, I should possibly start compiling the 2015 projects list!

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