holiday: day one

For the first time in a good while I didn’t actually blog through Christmas Day. I think this was primarily because, unusually for us, there was not a lot of down-time in the cooking of the Feast.

Usually we’re only just thinking about having lunch around mid-afternoon, but because Joan and Ajax had to leave for the airport at 3pm, the Feast prep was quite the precision operation.

This year we’d decided on a rib roast, rather than the usual turkey and this was an outstanding success. TheUniverse clearly approved of this strategy because the timing of the dishes was immaculate and everything was marvellously delicious. We’ll definitely will be considering repeating this for future Feasting. It was much, much simpler than the turkey (what with all the stuffing and the basting and the strategic covering with foil – exhausting stuff for the height of summer).

Anyway, as with the best Christmases there was much feasting and drinking and then very much napping after we’d seen them off.

too much orange is barely enough

dutch cream potatoes – magnificent for roasting in duck fat

excellent veg – eventually roasted with olive oil, chilli, garlic and slow mex spice mix

rather blurry minimalist tablescape

Joan thinks there can never be too many crackers

Joan & Ajax brought kitty gifts: BabyKitty

Joan & Ajax brought kitty gifts: NewKitty

boxing day: mmmm – roast beef sandwich

boxing day: NewKitty loves a boden box

It rained and rained in the evening – and then the roof started leaking. Lucky we’ve resolved a frugal 2015!

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