no double dates

Having a rotten cold did nothing to prevent me from heading out to watch the Ducks win a victorious victory last night … and we’re into the Grand Final! Hurrah!

Given that we’d already booked our flights and accommodation to Melbourne next weekend, this was a pretty good outcome.

Now all that remains is to score actual Grand Final tickets in the member ballot.

Even if we don’t get tickets, we’re going down anyway to soak up the atmosphere and get a bit of shopping in.

We were exceptionally lucky to find a really gorgeous (and very affordable) house on airbnb – any accommodation is ridiculously difficult to find. This will be our first airbnb experience (though we have stayed in similar kinds of pre-airbnb things), and the host has been really lovely to deal with.

We could not bear to put the adorable beasts in KittyGaol, so Joan and Ajax will Kitty/Palace minding. I’m preparing a long list of instructions (don’t put the good china in the dishwasher, kitties will wake you at 5:30am and demand feeding, wifi passwords &etc).


Tomorrow is the 8th anniversary of our first date! Holy!Goodness!

We generally remember this one much better than our actual wedding anniversary (which is sometime at the end of December) because it is AFL finals time and we had our second kind-of date the evening after our first at the Ducks v Freo preliminary final in 2006.

In terribly cute news, tomorrow is also the first anniversary of Bessie and Fireman.


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