so, what is it that you do all day?

Of course, as is the way with SML, things do not go quite as smoothly as planned.

And so, for the time being, because she ramped up the ExtremeCrazy to 11 (okay, 11,000,000), AnxiousMum is not my direct report. Rather she will be reporting to MrT – (even more) bwahahaha, because we know how that goes.

But let us just say that in the not too distant future it is expected that the functions of her area will be mine.

But, despite the crazy, I am still promoted, with a nice salary increase – and with slightly less crazy to deal with (though I am still heavily involved), what’s not to like?


In excellent news, tonight I graduated from RelentlesslyCheerfulPhysio!

AND he says I am okay to go back to the FatController as long as we don’t get too extreme!

Full of win!

Unfortunately RCP also had to tape up my shoulder with much magic blue tape, give me an excruciating massage and my first taste of acupuncture (achievement unlocked!1) for the horribly sore upper right arm/shoulder which I’d been carrying since yesterday afternoon.

Of course this was all the result of the Action and Excitement of the week. I totally wear my stress in my shoulders|neck and it is full of the agony.

1RCP: “We could do acupuncture, or we could do [other thing]”. Me: “well, I’ve never actually had acupuncture”. RCP: “So you choose that?”. Already, he knows me too well.


This evening I’ve been revisiting our Ancient RealLife flickr pix (and while I was at it ImaginaryFriended an excellent ImaginaryInternetFriend) and marvelled at how awesome and sparkling our photos were.

Really, we need to get back outside with the GiantCamera.

Or indeed, get back outside.


And today MrT hinted that there will be an enormously huge opportunity available in around 18 months and that it is totally within my grasp (though I might have to DeathCageMatch Heather or Knut for it).

Holy!Goodness! With the power of powerful things, I am very motivated to make that happen.

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