septunx of zantac

This morning at 8:30am I toddled off to the gym to run intervals.

It was a really beautiful, sparkling morning, and, after two weeks of pretty serious rain, I was delighting in the gorgeousness of it all. And then halfway there, I realised I’d forgotten my pass, so had to trot on home to grab it. It speaks to the excellence of the day that this did not bother me in the least.

So I ran intervals for 3km and concentrated on the placement of my right foot. While enduring this boringness, I realised that my dreadful, rolling strike was probably from the horrid foot issue of a year ago and my body’s attempt to avoid a repeat.

I think it will take a lot of focus to regain a proper form (if I had it to begin with). But the effort will be worth it, because I will totes kick ass with distance when I am all fixed.


When I got home I actioned many administrivia-ish items while occasionally dipping into highly interesting items on the InformationSuperHighway.

action list

I was pleased to have covered off most things other than the ironing and the stencilling / cutting out of shopping bags.

As per the list I baked a strawberry cake, using the most excellent, wonderfully fragrant 3 for $5 punnets of strawberries we acquired at the local fruit & veg yesterday.

I also cooked a spectacularly wonderful leg of lamb.

Sure, we didn’t eat until 9:05pm, but it was well worth the horrific heartburn I’m sure we will experience in a couple of hours.

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