Yesterday after my trip to the physio we were out and about a little, dropping off:

  • two large boxes of our old light fittings to the bower
  • batteries and smoke alarms to the council’s very well organised chemical and e-waste drop off;
  • a couple of boxes of donations and my Giant red faux crocodile suitcase (I’m now much more about the minimal travel, but I still love a lurid suitcase) to the Salvation Army;
  • wrong-sized led globes to ikea and took a look at shoe cabinets for the entry – they were all horribly cheap and nasty, so we resolved our issues by rearranging our existing cupboards (*rolls eyes* at self – folly avoided!).

As is the way with ikea, we did not avoid returning with essential things, larger fruit bowl, allegedly air-tight glass jars, a roll of butcher’s paper and a tray and paper napkins in an entirely unintentional sydney ducks theme

cheer cheer

I received some superb Hong Kong advice from this most excellent person. I’m looking forward to doing all the things! Some people have such a talent for this sort of thing, but Don and I are definitely not among them (the agonies of the “what to do in Sydney” conversations with visitors), neither is RightHandHarridan, who despite growing up in HK and visiting regularly, was singularly unhelpful with tips/advice.

In injury news, I can’t say that I am entirely jazzed by this whole enforced nothing.

Yesterday afternoon I alleviated some of the boredom by making cuban black bean soup from women’s weekly: the weekend cook, is very yummy and great for the freezer, though I had to have Don lift the giant casserole dish from the cupboard to the stove top for me.

Then I drank some very excellent riesling and spoke to Joan about Hong Kong and our plan to take Joe/Frank to Europe in the spring. So far we’re thinking Spain, I’d love to go to Rome again, but she has kind of sold us on Iceland as the second destination. She has a well-paid, but soul-destroying job at an enormous law firm and travel and travel-planning is how she manages to remain (moderately) sane. She and Ajax are going to Cambodia in October and they’re trying to decide where to go for Xmas.

Because I could not get out and run this morning, after feeding the wee starved, demanding beasties, I slothed about in bed until 10am drinking coffee and tooling about on the InformationSuperHighway. It was very nice.

In exciting developments, this weekend was the first in forever that we have not been to a supermarket. I’d very much like to extend this record! Otherwise – blergh.

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