and lots of stretching

Physio visit yesterday for the moment of truth – can I run?

hey hey it’s Hobart!

Well, I can … on Saturday … on grass.

Can I run on the treadmill?

See how it goes on the grass first.

Can I use an exercise bike, cross-trainer and rower Right Now?



So I made my first gym visit last evening. It was great! 5min rower, 10 min bike, 20 min cross-trainer. Heaps of machines available and I hope it stays that way. Loads of treadmills singing their siren song to me, but I managed to resist.

Holy!Goodness! My mental health very much appreciated the cardio! But still not quite the same satisfaction as pounding the pavement, at this stage I will take what I can get.

Only 3.5 weeks to the half marathon and I am completely and utterly TERRIFIED! I have not run any sort of distance in weeks. The plan is to just get there and hope adrenalin pulls me along. My goal is simply to finish (what with the aggressive cut-off times). I would be really, really delighted just to come last!

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