where have all my childhood filters gone?

We’re back!

Arrived home this afternoon from our first mini-break (of four in the projects list) for 2014 and were delighted to find that Joe/Frank managed ThePalace(ofLove) and wrangled TheKitties in stellar fashion!

There are places that you visit where you think “I could totally live here …” and start (fantasy) planning your permanent escape. Hobart was not one of those places, but it was all rather nice – most nice to have time together away from the daily grind.

Will bore you with many photographs in the coming days – most in my favourite things against the sky genre.

Hobart/Tasmania seems to be the place to holiday, both Joan/Ajax and Heather will be visiting over the Easter break.

title after all the iphone pix whose gorgeous 70s vibe vanished when I copied them across to the PC – bah!

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