did i park on orchid or heliotrope?

Plant watch: day 1

You may recall that we are conducting an experiment to ascertain if plants will survive in the desert-like conditions of our front porch, so that we might provide shade for our rubbish bins.

Repotted into $6 plastic container from the discount store. Standard kind of potting mix with a bit of soil wetting crystal stuff mixed in.

So far they seem to be surviving nicely, I should drag a thermometer up there, but it has been pretty scorching. On planting day the temp was 36.6oC (97.88oF) and the top balcony is a heat-sink so it would have been easily over 40 up there.

I’m pretty confident of winning. Don says you cannot win an experiment, but that is just because he is going to lose


I have no idea where I first saw this on the InformationSuperHighway, but I think it is a pretty excellent use of a paperclip and hair-elastic.

I needed some notepaper for my bag and had a bunch of filofax inserts recently discarded from Joan. She bought them when she was 18 when the hideously expensive filofax was going to revolutionise her life (so cute). Her system lasted, I would say, less than 6 months. This has become the stuff of family legend.

I have about 7 unopened packets of various sorts – so this should last quite some time.


Isn’t this a pretty rainbow?

Isn’t it a pretty stupid colour-coding system for a parking station?

Joe/Frank and I went shopping quickly on Thursday afternoon to Broadway to grab some shorts that actually fit him because with all of that unexpected weight loss his shorts are often hovering around his knees. I’d not been there for an age and discovered they had refurbished (if that is the word I want) the parking garage.

One of my few super-powers is remembering exactly where I have parked and I was having difficulty remembering if I was on the acid lime-lemon or acid lemon-lime level because I had no idea that the adjacent level was an almost identical colour.

It was ridiculously crowded and reinforced why we avoid shopping there. Thankfully we made it out unscathed.

2 thoughts on “did i park on orchid or heliotrope?

  1. I think they teach that colour coding at architect school. I have lost count of the number of architect drawings I have seen where, for example, different phases of a development are distinguished in different shades of brown. Someone explained it to me once but I have forgotten what they told me.

    • Baffling! They had a quite serviceable colour scheme before the refurbishment – the adjacent floors had quite contrasting colours – something like red | green | orange | blue.

      Pretty though – I plan to steal the colours for SML charts | graphs.

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