austerity [redux]

Donaldo and I have fallen into the dreadful habit of buying our lunches, which are running at around $10 each per day. Yes, one can easily pay $10 for a very basic sandwich – stupid outrageous cost of living in Sydney.

So we’re trying to get into the habit of taking our lunches:

We’ve calculated that we can get around 5-6 sandwiches (filling dependent) for the cost of a single lunch.

And the $80-100 A WEEK we save (just reading that and calculating how much we’ve spent in the last six months makes me a little ill) will go into a fund to pay for indulgences like harky, the smoker.


In exciting news, my hideously expensive tap will be installed next Wednesday. I still can’t quite believe that I am in a position to actually *have* a hideously expensive tap. I am very fortunate indeed.

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