2 disorderly retreat (4)

I’ve been feeling grim and grumpish for the past couple of weeks and have been hiding myself away from the world with silly murders on the kindle.

This is in some part to my struggles with getting back to running, though part is also SML hijinx (fortunately I’m only on the periphery) and stress over manageressing assessments (so silly) and then we get onto the judging self for being so grim and grumpish and stressed … rinse. repeat. etc. Exhausting!

But back to the running – I’m building back up distance very slowly, my right foot is a mess because of the endless taping-up and applications of ibuprofen gel (both now abandoned) and I’m getting a bunion (and bunionette) on the left – ARGH!

Finally yesterday morning and this afternoon I was able to crack the 5km mark but Holy!Goodness! it was challenging and my times are nowhere near what they were. Intellectually, I know taking it slowly is necessary, but blergh!

And I’ve lost my running partner for the next little while – poor Donaldo has two fractured ribs! Which were the result of either golf or yoga or sneezing. No strenuous exercise for 6-8 weeks.

Mentally though, I think I am ready to get back on the pony.

5 thoughts on “2 disorderly retreat (4)

  1. Silly murders on the kindle: any more suggestions along the lines of the delightful Dr Siri? One has devoured all nine with great relish and wonders what other wonders Carol has to recommend.

  2. Prudence, isn’t he wonderful? I simply adored the series – and then Laos seemed to be everywhere: in crossword clues, films, various newspaper articles, Bessie’s boyfriend!

    I’ve been reading the fethering mysteries, but I don’t know that I would necessarily recommend them. He does a pretty spot on characterisation of a certain type of mid-50s uptight retiree I think, but they do tend to make one a bit ragey with the some of the plot devices and dialogue. Did read the first of his Mrs Pargeter which I liked rather better.

    I can recommend staying well away from Bryant & May and Lois Meade – I’ll read anything, but both were a bit of a struggle and I abandoned both series very early on.

    Ganching, yes, you’re right – it is very easy to forget that once even 1km was a victory.

    • Oh very definitely underwhelming & plot holes galore! As I say, I will read any old dross – particularly when trying to avoid something.

      May have to give B+M another bash then & I’ve heard of neither of the CBs, so something to investigate!

      Am currently at the 30% point of the first Jackson Brodie and am encouraged so far.

      So difficult to find anything really compelling, I can’t remember the last time I had something I couldn’t put down (dalziel & pascoe last year I think, but I was terribly late to that party)

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