13 huge success (5,3)

Saturday was the seventh anniversary of our first date!

We celebrated very sedately – out for brekkie both Saturday and Sunday, pottered about ThePalace(OfLove), visited Sydney Contemporary, made plans for improvements to ThePalace(OfLove) and visited ikea (which was not at all celebratory, but we needed a new rug for the dining room).

While in the general ikea vicinity, we stopped for a while and watched planes take off over our heads – which was Ace!

We’ve been talking about trying to grab some plane photographs (given we’re under the flight path) for framing and plan to undertake a plane photographing expedition before the month is out.

2 thoughts on “13 huge success (5,3)

  1. Congratulations on seven years together. I am liking this photo idea. I love that Ikea out your way – the platonic ideal of an Ikea:)

  2. Thank you! It’s by way of being a record.

    So much for our vows to 1. not furnish ThePalace(OfLove) with ikea and 2. not to visit again for a year! Tempe is definitely the most visitable store – I’m a huge fan of all the short-cuts on the lower level.

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