Over the past week, all of the management in my division at SML (and our lovely PA) have been struck down with either a horrid flu (shakes and fever) or a revolting cold (sore throat / ears + runny nose). The blame lies squarely with MrT: disease vector.

Because there is that big-run-with-giant-hill on Sunday, I took a sick day yesterday in an attempt to ward off whatever version of the Divisional Illness I appeared to be on the brink of.

lemon and ginger tea

I was busy congratulating myself this morning because I felt infinitely improved and decided I was well enough to rock in to SML.

Shortly after I arrived, I received race day info for the big-run-with-giant hill, amongst which was this gentle reminder:
Your health: If you have suffered a recent viral infection (such as cold, influenza or gastroenteritis, etc) in the week before the 2013 City2Surf, do not participate. Start planning for 2014!

But hey, I was feeling not-quite-so-awful-as-the-day-before, so thought I could happily ignore it.

Turns out turning up to SML was a horrible mistake. While I did manage to get some quite important things done, by the end of the day I felt approximately 8,45656,346 times worse. I appear to have scored the revolting cold version of the Divisional Illness. It is ghastly. I feel ghastly. Really, really ghastly.

I am hydrating and vitamining it up and resting and trying all manner of positive thinking and pleas to TheUniverse, but I really fear that if I am not improved by Saturday, there will be no race for me on Sunday.

In what is quite possibly the understatement of the millennium, this is not a little disappointing.

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