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I recently read a harvard business review article (being the excellent manageress that I am) about auto-analytics – determining the triggers of happiness and productivity by tracking personal data.

It is no secret that I adore data-analysis and navel-gazing, so what could be better than to collect data about myself?

previous data collection experiment: tracking our route home from work

So I signed up at the quantified mind and commenced the daily cognitive tests.

What completing the tests really brought home to me is that I am not very good at completing the tests – my memory and reaction times are quite shockingly bad. This is not a little confronting as this type of thing was pretty much an absolute doddle in ages past.

I’ve noticed a little brain fog and general slowness in the past year or so, which I’d put down to mostly internet, alcohol and general stress, but the mental acuity, it is much more dire than I realised. So I plan to intervene: more tests and puzzles and general cognitive challenges.

As part of this challenging the brain, I’ve decided to attempt crosswords and started with this quick one – which took me an unexpectedly long time to complete. I could almost feel the synapses firing painfully slowly as I wracked the brain for answers. I’m clearly not quite ready for the cryptic.

The death of my grandfather last year at just shy of 100 brought home to me that, despite how ancient I might feel at times, I most likely have another whole lifetime ahead of me (which completely blows my mind, man!).

Because of this, I was all about ensuring my physical well-being (particularly after several years of ill-health) – hence the exercise and year of no booze. But really I should be including mental stuff as a measure of fitness too. I can’t imagine it is terribly fabulous to be living a long time if you’re in a perpetual, forgetful daze.

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