exercise 2013: weeks twenty two – twenty four

I’ll just say it now – FIFTEEN KILOMETRES!!!!! Less than 6 months ago I could barely run 2.5km. I’m delighted.

It was difficult – my ipod died halfway (which was torture) and I did have to stop for 1 minute at the 7.5km mark because I was panicking about the dead ipod and how far I still had to go and the negative self-talk was strong and loud (see aforementioned lack of tunes) and I was comparing myself to other, better (younger) runners and I am just and old lady and I’m so very slow and just how did I think I would ever run that far. So I stopped and took some deep breaths and talked kindly to myself for that 1 minute and kept going.

Sometimes my brain needs a good talking-to.


I was becoming tired of the old minimalist exercise tracking format (as I am sure were you!) – so we’re going even more minimalist:

Rather than doing two long runs on the weekend, I’m trying one really long and one shorter (but longer than the weekday morning runs) in an attempt to build up distance.

I’m still doing the abs 6 times a week and it is proving a little easier and so quick that it is over before I can hate it. The abs are still jelly though.


I’m now stuck between going for distance or trying to improve my 14km time for the City2Surf. I really am quite keen to get to the half-marathon mark, but don’t want to push it too quickly. I experienced a bit of soreness / tightness around my left knee on the 13km run on Saturday (and afterward), it has fixed itself – but I need to be super-careful, as I am also quite keen not to break myself.

2 thoughts on “exercise 2013: weeks twenty two – twenty four

    • I’m very surprised. Originally I thought it would be fabulous to hit the 5km mark by this far in – who knew this was possible?

      I’m still extraordinarily slow, but I don’t really care. Well, until I read running blogs – afterwhich I completely want to give up running entirely. Where are the very-very-slow old lady runner blogs so that I feel there is hope?

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