exercise 2013: twenty-one

Tuesday (21/05):

5.02km | 35:03
I have abs of jelly, so am easing into doing something about it by attempting this 4 minute abs workout before bed for the next couple of weeks.

Wednesday (22/05):

5.01km | 35:48
It is a testament to how jelly-like they are that I find this ridiculously challenging!

Thursday (23/05):

5km | 33:59
There’s all manner of horrid stuff going down at SML. Rage fuelled this run – a record time for this route.
I fear it will be about 6-8 weeks before this gets any easier.

Friday (24/05):
workout dvd

ARGH! It was pouring, so I was forced to come up with an alternative. Plus, really, I think I am just asking for trouble running 6 days a week. I busted out Level 1 of 30 day shred which I’ve been holding onto for ages. Holy!Goodness! Exhausting! Definitely brought home that I need to mix some strength stuff in with all the cardio. Maybe I can add this to the evenings?
Still persisting.

Saturday (25/05): run
13:38km | 1:34:31
Fortunately a gorgeous day. ANZAC bridge again. My goal for the weekend was to do 12km and 13km. Felt excellent! Another personal best for 10km (beat last week by 2 min).

Sunday (26/05): run
12.18km | 1:30:27
This was just hard. Really hard. Not sure if it was because I went faster than normal yesterday, or that it was a new (very, very crowded) route, but I got about half-way up a steep hill on the way home from the circuit of the Bay (ran there, did the circuit and hoped to run back) and had to walk about 350m. And my ipod ran out of juice – bah! to running without a soundtrack.

I need to keep reminding myself: “you just ran 12km doofus, you couldn’t run 5km at the beginning of the year, it is supposed to be hard!”.

Total kilometre-age = 40.59km

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