exercise 2013: nineteen

Felt completely dreadful early in the week, so gave running a rest for the first couple of days while I attempted to recover. Exceptionally nervous about the fun run on Sunday, but it turned out great!

Thursday (09/05): run
5km | 35:29
This was a bit of a struggle. I do not deal well with breaks / illness.

Friday (10/05): run
5km | 35:03
Little time difference, but felt so much better. A couple of tradies cheered me on with a “woo! you go girl!” which definitely gave me a lift!

Saturday (11/05): run
8.62km | 1:02:10
Reminding myself that I can still run the 8km I needed for Sunday’s fun run.

Sunday (12/05): run
8km | <53:00
Mother’s Day Classic – better than I could have hoped!

Total kilometre-age = 26.62km

So, low on distance, but pleasing on outcome.

Because running with others saw such an improvement, I’m now seeking a couple more fun runs to participate in before the city2surf in August.

As I mentioned, the big goal the smh half marathon in May 2014, though I see that headphones are not permitted and running 21.1 km without music is a completely ghastly proposition, so perhaps I need to reconsider my event!

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