i seem to keep falling off the horse

You might remember the hat I used to try to kick-start my knitting back at the end of February.

After completing a good deal of it, I left it, dormant and unloved, on top of the dining room cupboard for a good while because it became apparent that there was nowhere near enough wool to complete it – despite leaving off the very cute bobbles and roughly an inch off the length before starting the crown decreases.

I picked the whole thing up again last Friday evening as a something-to-do-with-my-hands-while-watching-football-on-television and kept knitting mainly to see how far I could get.

I was totally going to abandon at this point (hence the photo), but kept at it from bloody-mindedness. And to my extreme surprise, actually ended up with a completed hat!

With only the teensiest much wool left:


I am sure there is some sort of life lesson in all of this.

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