I have no idea where the past week has gone – it is all a bit of a blur. I can’t say that it is because it was a frenzy of activity, because I don’t really see any evidence that there was any!

I’m a little bit daunted by the things I need to accomplish this weekend. Below is what immediately springs to mind (in no particular order):

  • optometrist visit (have not been for 3 years – oops)
  • think upon 20+ page SML report I must have completed by COB Monday
  • paint other two walls in bedroom
  • paint three walls in wardrobe
  • obtain quotes for cleaning of shiny new, hideously expensive rug (<sigh> subject of another post)
  • think upon all the other SML work I need to have completed by Monday
  • make batch of chili con carne
  • visit ikea for temporary replacement rug
  • visit hardware store for tape &etc
  • clean ThePalace(OfLove) (with offspringly assistance, of course)
  • drive about in NEW CAR
  • run x 1
  • big walk to optometrist
  • tidy garage for NEW CAR
  • collect my new (Bessie’s old) bicycle
  • write some of those posts accumulating in my head
  • try to remember the 800 other things I have forgotten

Best get on it

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