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While it got off to an excellent start, our painting project has really stagnated this month.

After our amazing success with the living room our intention was to tackle our bedroom, we’d planned to paint each bedroom a different shade of grey with glossy white trim, rather like the below:

I thought we’d agreed on a grey for our room, but I’ve been dithering, because I’m yet to be convinced that it won’t clash horribly with the the Cristina, so we may just settle for safe white.

I think this is probably the point where we rather wish we’d got the professionals in, but March is the month where we must get back into it!

Below are some of our findings (or should i say learnings just to be aggravating?) so far:

Stress crack tape:

We had a couple of small stress cracks and had high hopes for this. Unfortunately it resembles longish deckle edged stickers which really were very noticeable on the wall – even from a distance and even after 3 coats. We’ve gone back to spakfilla.

Paint can opener thingy:

This cost about $4 and is genius! So much better than destroying pauvre screwdrivers!

The not pictured:

Undercoat/primer – makes an enormous difference (and saves paint!)

Hideously expensive, good quality brushes – makes for a superior finish and don’t shed!

The contrast:

Yellow begone!

The finished product:

It is really quite hard to capture the white in a photo, but I’ll give it a bash.

You may notice that we bought a new rug, the blue was all a bit too busy. We were rather concerned the kitties would destroy it, but we we need not have worried, the gorgeously squishy texture freaks them out and they treat it like lava.

It is all so soothing!

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