foodz: 7 (pea + pancetta pasta risotto)

We really should watch cooking programmes more often because we invariably see something fabulous which we are compelled to cook.

This time it was Nigelissima1 (episode 5) and pea and pancetta pasta risotto which looked really intriguing.

And it was brilliant – especially with the last of Don’s pancetta!

We tweaked the recipe a little (2 cups stock / 1 cup water) and rounded up to the half (rather than 1/4) cup. Oh! and we added the peas about half way through instead of at the start.

Incredibly simple, astonishingly creamy and risotto-ish and excellent in the extreme.


Joe/Frank is now cooking dinner one night a week (the subject of a future post) and we thought this would be perfect for him. For his version we picked up some already-diced pancetta because his fine motor skillz still need a little work before he’s ready for fine dicing!

in other news: my lens arrived! compare the quality of pix!

I think this version was even better than the first go-round, mostly because we added a good handful of parmesan.


Carol: 4.5 stars

Don: 4 stars

Joe/Frank: 4 stars


1 Quite bewildering to note that Nigella’s body is, for the most part hidden (completely unnecessarily) by strategically placed kitchen equipment and that there is so much soft-focus going on one can barely discern her features.

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