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When gave Bessie a DSLR for Birthday and Christmas a few years ago, we also gave her our DSLR lens. We always intended to get ourselves a better quality replacement, but have completely failed to do so and thus the pauvre camera has been languishing away, neglected, for some time.

I’ve decided that it is time to Action this – primarily because of the quite yucky quality of light in the living area which makes taking photographs with the point-and-shoot really tiresome and the results less than pleasing.

I’m doing this on the cheap though, so have been pursuing manual pentax lenses on eBay and apart from a 50mm which is on its merry way from Missouri, I’ve spent a gigantic $15 (including shipping) on a plastic holga lens.

It arrived a couple of days ago and I’ve been having a bit of a play with it:

I’m really hoping that Giant Black Spot is some artful, speckeldy artifact on the holga lens and not the actual camera, but all will be revealed when my 50mm lens arrives.

But so far, fun!

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