foodz: 3 (bacon + brie omelette wedges)

Ever-so-slightly belated foodz post.

Last week’s new recipe was bacon and brie omelette wedges from the BBC Good Food website.

We love a frittata / tortilla / omelette, but have mostly confined ourselves to slight variations on one glorious recipe from marie claire: comfort.

This was our chance to break out of the comfort zone (you see what I did there).

not quite as sexy as the photo accompanying the recipe

We all agreed that there was a good deal to build on, the brie in particular was delish! and Don’s bacon makes everything excellent! But we all thought it would have been much improved by the addition of a vegetable or 6.

Carol: 3.5 kitties

Don: 3.5 kitties

Joe/Frank: 3.5 kitties

Definitely something we’ll bust out again – with appropriate vegetablish modifications.

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