project 2013: paint 2

In extremely exciting news, yesterday I completed painting the laundry!

And in more exciting news, Don completed the shelf installation this morning! While it is not the most stylish room, it is way brighter, more practical and more pleasant to be in.

the yellow cast is only photographic – is pretty sparkly white In Real Life

Lessons learned: Getting all intimate with the walls confirmed that the developers must have employed toddlers to do the paintwork. Possibly blind toddlers. Three coats were required to get even coverage over the horrid yellow. We’ll be using undercoat/primer/sealer on the other walls.

We’ve discovered we’re pretty good painters and the whole process is not too difficult. When we were buying ThePalace(OfLove), the owners had a quote for new paint and carpet of $10k (eeeek!! and only 3 rooms need carpet!), so hopefully we’ll come in significantly less than that. Though we have no plans to lay our own carpet!

This afternoon we commenced undercoating the living floor and we’re giving ourselves 6 months to have ThePalace(OfLove) completed top-to-bottom.

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