foodz: 1 (chorizo | pork belly + chickpea casserole)

I was fortunate to work from home on Wednesday (Joe/Frank’s HSC results released / NewKitty to vet). In addition to being infinitely more productive (no-one whinging at me), being here meant I had the time to bust out a slow-cooked meal and start a little early on the 2013 new recipe per week project.

When chorizo, pork belly & chickpea casserole (BBC Good Food) appeared in my reader, I knew we must try it.

I added a little (okay, a lot) more chorizo than required, but otherwise remained faithful to the recipe.

horrifically bad photograph of meal: damn these lights

As with the film project, I’m forcing us to rate meals

Don: 4.5 kitties

Carol: 4.5 kitties

Joe/Frank: 4 kitties

So Very Good! So Very Easy! Definitely will be added to the regular rotation.

I really need to get my photoshop on to make .5 kitty graphics [edit: kitties updated!]

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