paint: 1

The Xmas hols are going to be chock-full of activities and all manner of good things (like lazing about) AND WILL NOT BE WASTED.

We decided Day 1 was the perfect opportunity to bust out the sample paint pots.

Our chosen options were:
Princess Bling
Generic Dulux white (whose name escapes me)

Sentimental in no way read baby pink on the sample card, so that his been immediately discounted. Don utterly loathes the Generic Dulux white, so we’re living with Princess for a few days before we make our final decision (or run out and buy more samples).

We’d also bought a couple of other sample pots as we’d planned to paint the wall that spans the four floors a slate-grey. We quickly abandoned that idea after the foyer of SML was painted in similar colours and the very-dark-grey wall sucked every bit of light from the space – we need all the light we can get on the living floor.

But I was dead-keen to use it somewhere. The area under the first floor stairs (the only stairs that are not open) is the same really horrid yellow as everywhere else and gets unbelievably dirty:

I decided to experiment with the darker of the greys and I think we have a winner:

Looks really quite excellent and will hide a multitude of sins!

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