growing family

I’ve taken my mission to become a crazy cat lady to the next level.

Yes, we’ve acquired an additional kitty!

Kitty(NotHerRealName) has been a fabulous companion while I have been recovering, though of course not allowing me to pat her (as I have said before, she is the Joan of kitties – gorgeous, aloof and everything on her own terms).

Kitty(NotHerRealName): Oh yes! she’s the loveliest kitty! she’s the best kitty!

We thought she’d be lonely when I returned to SML so we were searching for a companion for Kitty(NotHerRealName) of a similar age. We’d always planned on two kitties and felt like we were finally in the kitty-owning groove.

Our first port of call the weekend before last was the excellent The Cat Protection Society who, while having many, many wonderful kitties, did not have one we thought would be a good fit.

I then searched on Gumtree and found a rescue group who had an older kitten we really rather liked the look of. I exchanged a couple of emails with the group co-ordinator expressing my interest, she then sent me a FIVE page application form, which I duly completed and waited to hear from her regarding the necessary property inspection (all this before we could even meet the kitty) … and waited … and waited … and waited … and waited for any sort of response / acknowledgement.

We were passing the Cat Protection Society again on Saturday and all impromtu-like decided to visit, whereupon we found …


At 2.5 NewKitty is a little older than we had planned, but we could not resist her! She is so affectionate and friendly and loves pats and brushing and belly-rubs. So, you might say, the antithesis of Kitty(NHRN), but of course not so crazy-aborable (yet). She had a very stupid name, so we’ve re-named her after that other inner west suburb with the excellent music venue of the same name (and the diminutives of each are quite nicely matchy).

She’s currently living in the laundry and the two katze have yet to meet. We are taking this Very slowly. Because she is so friendly and chilled, we’d assumed that NewKitty would be completely at ease in ThePalace(OfLove), but she completely freaked out at the space and stairs and the noise of the passing traffic, so we’re Very slowly acclimating her to the rest of the house. I hope she’ll be freely roaming in a month or so.

Yay for kitties!

2 thoughts on “growing family

    • They are completely gorgeous!

      Except when they wake you at 5am Every Day / constantly try to claw your hideously expensive artwork / moult hair over everything (so that you must acquire hideously expensive vacuum cleaner to contain it with half-hourly cleaning).

      But we do adore them.

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