jealous of youth

After the wild success of our international jet-setting Christmas last year we vowed to return to New Caledonia for Xmas 2012 (and to leave the country for all Christmases going forward1).

Unfortunately our plans for this year have been scuppered by lack of funds due to: 1. Joan’s recent European Adventure and 2. Operation Remove Ute.

So we’ll be getting our festive on in ThePalace(Of Love). Rather exciting because it will be the first Xmas in Very Own Haus &etc, but a little sad because I’m really longing to return to the most excellent Noumea and explore further!

And so, it was with some amusement that we received Joe/Frank’s (who, you will recall has split year 12 over 2 years) announcement that there was a French excursion next year … to Noumea!

What a fabulous opportunity and how envious I am!

1yes, yes, provocative is me.

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