tempting fate

What was I saying earlier about things progressing nicely?

Had my final follow-up appointment with Serge this morning.

In recent days a couple of issues have developed which I was keen to ask about. As I was describing them Serge became progressively more concerned – evidenced by the furrowing of the brow and “hmmmmm”(s). Upon examination his concern did not lessen, after some more “hmmmmmmm”(ing) and brow-furrowing, he suggested my symptoms could be bruising from the op, in which case symptoms were a good sign or could be an infection – which would be Very Bad.

And so, I must carefully monitor self and have a follow-up visit in a few weeks.

And I must take it easy. This presents no problem as all I feel like doing is sleeping (with breaks for complaining and occasional reading).

peppermint tea delivered by doting husband

This does mean that I will need to have another week away from SaltMinesLimited, the fast recovery I had anticipated (delusional, much?) being not entirely forthcoming.

Which goes to show that there are upsides to everything.

2 thoughts on “tempting fate

  1. Golly, you just had major surgery, what made you think there would be speedy return to work? Make the most of your convalescence and let that body heal. When will the next opportunity to read detective stories and drink tea in bed every be there?

  2. Very delusional – though Serge’s post-operative instruction sheet did say I may be able to “resume work in 2 weeks”. That said, he also said that it was a little more complicated than anticipated.

    I really wish I had not wasted my valuable reading time with (every) Agatha Raisin – so very, very dreadful. I did, however, very much enjoy the Peter Temple: Jack Irish books based in part on a photograph of a puppy-chewed book from your blog (though that was Broken Shore, it led me down the path to JI). Now am re-reading the PD James canon in order (yay for kindle!)

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