This morning I felt rather guilty and slothful that I slept until 7am because Don was up at 5:15am for a round of golf (where he would be carrying his clubs!), and so after a couple of coffees and an apple, set out to pound the pavement.

Holy!Goodness! It was so, so, so much more difficult than Thursday morning. I never really did get in the zone and was surprised to arrive home and realise I’d run almost as far. Both the run and the recovery were less than enjoyable. I’m still exhausted, whereas I was bounding about all day Thursday.

3.19km | 22:59

I realise that if I want to run properly I am going to have to become accustomed to hills, but they can be really quite demoralising indeed. I’d love to go back to my beloved flat track in the old neighbourhood after a solid month of running and compare my performance.

I need to remember that it is a process and that it will take time and be pleased that at least I’m getting out there once again. Yay me! And as disspirited and ungainly as I currently am, I really do enjoy running about in the outdoors very much.


Spring is definitely in residence (hurrah!) and yesterday Don and I visited Bunnings to acquire herbs and soil (and, as is the way with these visits, also came away with a broom and new toolbox) for our productive balcony space.

awaiting action: basil, chives, basil (we use it a lot), coriander, dill, jalapeno

Unfortunately, I picked up coriander rather than flat-leafed parsley – easy to do when they are seedlings. Yes, yes, I should have read the tag. Though it was undoubtedly TheUniverse trying to tell me something – we use coriander periodically and it does not keep terribly well, so now we should be able to wander outside a grab bit when required (as did Don when he made guacamole to accompany Hawthorn v CrAdelaide yesterday evening).

I need space for parsley and feel the rose bush, unless it blooms spectacularly, in a non-yellow colour, in the next week or so, is on extremely borrowed time.


After arriving home, we walked to Norton Street Grocer for cooking supplies: hot chorizo, russian speck, avocados (see aforementioned guacamole), salad leaves and Harvest Ingredients kashmiri curry (I really should refer to the blog moar1 when buying foodly things – the last outing for this was underwhelming and so it was on this occasion – even with an even more casseroley cut of lamb).

I also could not resist buying a new packet of infusions, though I’m all about T2, I prefer teabags for werkly use.

SML teapot on SML desk

hot love? slightly workplace inappropriate but how could I resist?

1At times like this I wonder why, why, why did I abandon daily food blogging?

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