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Exciting times …

Joan jetted off on Thursday evening for a month in Europe with Vincenzo, my minion1. Currently they are in London and part ways in a couple of days – he is off to family and she will be exploring / shopping – then they’re back together off and on for Berlin and then (though not in this order and I am probably forgetting something) Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Iceland. So excited for her and really rather proud that she’s become an independent world-travelling woman.

I would have driven her to the airport, but we were otherwise occupied with Joe/Frank’s year 12 graduation! I know – what?!? How did he become a hulking 18 year old?

It was Don’s first experience of an Australian high school graduation. Having prior experience, I was really rather dreading it (and brought reading material), but it was actually not too bad. Good, verging on excellent, speeches and not too much entertainment (what there was was of good quality).

only about half of the sea of humanity. 300+ students and only two guests per student allowed.

It was a really lovely way to end High School. Though Joe/Frank is splitting Year 12 over 2 years, he only has to attend actual classes next year and is technically considered to have completed (so none of the general admin [assemblies &etc] is required).

One of the constant worries when you have a child with a disability is how they will get on in life and how they will be treated. This school has been completely and utterly amazing for Joe/Frank, he is getting good results, has a great bunch of friends, is generally very well-regarded and treated exceedingly well. When I think of how High School could have been I am so very, very thankful that it turned out this way.

Now the dreaded 6 weeks until the HSC exams. We’ve made a deliberate decision to not interfere with assignments and such this year – apart from the occasional internet banning when we’ve observed bludging – and the results have been solid.

But now while there is no school (for the non-NSWians – after the end of term 3, Year 12s have a 6 week+ break which is intended to be used for exam prep2), it will be all practice essays all the time and bossing and assisting and monitoring. I’ve organised to work from home a couple of afternoons a week and take a few days annual leave so I can ensure it is all on track.

The goal is Arts at Sydney or UNSW in 2014 and while achievable, the acknowledged weak point is the timed essay writing. Fortunately we’re not too bad at reviewing and the most excellent teachers have made themselves available to everyone to provide feedback.

Bits crossed.

1No, no, they are not dating – purely platonic (as I have assured all who have enquired). He does not bat for that team and even if he did … she’d be making gagging noises at the prospect.
2Though in practice most people end up at the beach – don’t ask me how I know this.

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