A couple of weekends ago Joan graced us with her presence for dinner and arrived bearing gifts!

The toasty nougat smelled wonderful, but was rather too sweet to drink, so we’re now keeping it in a jar for burying our noses in

Kitty also very much appreciated Joan’s thoughtful offering:

I am a huge fan of infusions and had resisted the loose variety, preferring a wee bag as the delivery system, but I am now a convert!


On Vaccination Day, Don and I wandered into T2 at DJs and picked up organic peppermint, a mesh basket for our horribly cheap teapot (see aforesaid delivery system) and some Melbourne breakfast (in bag form) for Joe/Frank who is a huge fan of experimenting with various black teas (but has previously mostly confined himself to twinings).

horribly cheap ($3) teapot – handily labelled in the event that we confuse it with the rice cooker or vacuum cleaner


The Vaccination Day teas were so successful that during the Lunchtime Of Spendering, I grabbed a one-mug teapot and some interesting loose tea for Joe/Frank (so that he might continue his experimentationing) and a couple of infusions (black tea making me hideously unwell) for me and a two(ish)-mug teapot. Two(ish)-mug teapot also for me – because I am very much trying to cut down on the booze (yet another post) and find infusions are lovely to sip as a wine replacement of an evening.

artful still life – a mere sliver of the spoils of my spending

I warn you now that there will be a good deal of “I am not drinking and am doing x” posts in your future.

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