I’d gone in to SML for the morning (such are the pains of EOFY) on Saturday and we’d done quite a big food shop afterward, but in the late afternoon, for the first time since we’ve lived at The Palace (Of Love) the weather and our availability conspired to enable us to check out the New Land in daylight! So we took a short stroll to the local park, which is quite lovely.

one day, when I am rich beyond my wildest imaginings, I will convert an electrical substation into a home (well, okay, I’ll probably have someone else do the converting)

am rather in love with these crazy trees

Don was quite excited to discover a baseball game in progress

though the scoreboard was still stuck in cricket season

must get down to the the pbc, just the sort of venue we like

the ‘hood is full of rather gorgeous enormous hauses

We finished our meanderings with a nice pale ale at our local.

Must meander moar.


And what would a blog post be without the ubiquitous kitty! shot:


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